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Ace Kitchens is specialized in kitchen and bedroom refurbishment. Our Services include supply and fit to made to measure doors and cabinets, drawer fronts, hinges, and handles. We can fit matching end panels and accessories like cornice, pelmet, and plinths. Replacing worktops, sink & tap or build-in appliances will add your personal touch and complete the look of your new kitchen!

If you are looking to go for a completely new kitchen and start from scratch, we are the perfect choice for the job. With our custom made cabinets to match the colour of the doors, we can make the most of your space fully useful!

From our Bedroom Collection, you can choose to replace your tired looking bedroom doors or get a completely new wardrobe, all made to measure to fit perfectly in your bedroom, Glider sliding doors with an option for cabinets or alcoves, many colour combinations, and finishes.

Ace Kitchens offers a free design visit with a full range of samples, a detailed survey and a complete installation carried by our professional fitters!

ACE Kitchens has been designing and refurbishing kitchens and bedrooms for more than 15 years. As among the best-awarded companies regarding remodeling designs, we are committed to ongoing development and success in order to offer you the finest unique styles to renew your kitchen and bedroom.

ACE Kitchens propounds a number of vibrant and exclusive kitchen/bedroom services regarding its refurbishment and remodeling. When it comes to renewing your home interior, it’s always panic to opt for a professional contractor to deal with your most precious asset, your home. A right hand can change your home into your dream house whether, on the contrary, a wrong choice of contractor can spoil your dream into a pile of dreadful rubbish. We can understand how it can be risky while choosing a contractor for your house.

But no need to get worried now!

ACE Kitchens specializes in architectural designs and functional styles with the finest touch of traditional and modish outlook. We present all its kitchen refurbishment and bedroom remodeling services in the hands of our professionals and experts in the respective fields. The including services are :

  • Replacement Kitchen Doors
  • Kitchen Facelift
  • Measurement of kitchen doors
  • Kitchen revamp
  • Installation of doors and windows
  • Bedroom refurbishment
  • Sliding doors for cabinets and alcove
  • Cabinets measurement
  • Worktop replacement

The kitchen is the very heart of the home. The place we meet, talk, share secrets, discover new tastes, cook and eat together, a place full of memories we share. The BA Kitchen Collection has been designed with all these things in mind. Whether it is the classic and timeless look of Bella, the stylish clean lines of Zurfiz, the craftsmanship of Pronto or the great value and choice offered by Valore, this collection offers a kitchen unique to you reflecting your values, your memories, and your dreams… your kitchen.

ACE Kitchens has a wide variety of kitchen and bedroom styles and let you avail a number of creative designs for your kitchen and bedroom, such as:

Kitchen Collection:

  • Camden Gloss White Kitchen
  • Avola Cream Knebworth Kitchen
  • Alabaster Coco Bolo Kitchen
  • Firbeck SuperGloss Cream Kitchen
  • Canadian Maple Ashford Kitchen
  • Burnt Oak Matt Cashmere Pisa Kitchen
  • Grey Brown Metallo Stone Grey Kitchen
  • High Gloss Cream Venice Kitchen
  • Grey Brown Ontario Walnut Light Concrete Kitchen
  • Lincoln Kitchen
  • Ivory Westbury Kitchen
  • Jayline White Gloss Kitchen
  • London Concrete Venice Kitchen
  • Mali Wenge Cashmere Kitchen
  • Matt Denim Aldridge Kitchen
  • Moldau Acacia Canterbury Kitchen, etc.

Bedroom Collection:

  • Zurfiz Supermatt Graphite Bedroom
  • Zurfiz UG Baltic Blue UG Black Bedroom
  • Bella Broadway Matt Mussel Matt Dakkar
  • Bedroom by BA Components
  • Bella Cambridge Paintable Tropez Blue
  • Natural Walnut Tuscany Bedroom
  • Valore Alabaster Coco Bolo
  • Valore White Swiss Larch Cashmere, etc.

Renew your Bedroom/Kitchen:

If you are living in a house constructed in old times, we can assume the structure of the house would be constructed according to old-patterned terms. Besides, with the advancement of the era, trendy designs and styles of the home interior have been introducing day-by-day. So, either you are seeking to have a trendy look of your kitchen and bedroom without affecting the layout, or you are wishing to scope some space to make your small kitchen bigger like nowadays kitchen adjacent to the living room are in fashion, then you are on the right place. ACE Kitchens has specialized and experienced architects to deal with your dream house measuring up to your terms. You are always welcomed to framework your ideas with our high standard consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How long does the installation take?

Our experts are quick at work. We take a single day if it’s about the installation of doors, taps, sinks, etc. But for full transformation of the kitchen, it depends which might take 2-4 days.

  • Are your workers professional to deal with my house?

Yes, our panel of experts is licensed and has been working more than 30-40 years in the respective field. They deal with your house with integrity and professional skills.

  • What if my units are not a standard size?

Don’t worry as have all accessories tailor-made so that it can be fitted to your doors, windows, etc.

  • What if I want to enlarge the space for my bedroom/Kitchen?

Along with transformation, ACE Kitchens also supports you whether you want to enlarge the space for your kitchen/bedroom or you want to modify it into small.

  • What does it cost for remodeling?

We believe in quality work. ACE Kitchens offers its most accessible packages to its customers for all kinds of transformation. The cost depends on the service you choose but we provide all services within your budget.

  • Do you serve nationwide?

ACE Kitchens covers London, Surrey, Berkshire & Middlesex. You can contact us to let know about it.