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Kitchen Trends 2023 and 2024
25 Nov 2023

Kitchen Trends 2023 and 2024

As we approach another year, the heart of the home - the kitchen - continues to evolve. The latest advancements in interior design come with a blend of aesthetics and functionality. Many homeowners aim not only for a kitchen that is beautiful but also sustainable and highly practical.

How to Make a Kitchen Island
09 Oct 2023

How to Make a Kitchen Island - DIY Kitchen Island Ideas

In recent years, the trend of merging the kitchen and dining area into a unified space has gained significant popularity. Many contemporary homeowners specifically opt for this layout for their homes or apartments due to its numerous benefits.

kitchen fitter laying tiles on the floor of a kitchen
09 Oct 2023

How to Tile a Kitchen Floor for Beginners - Lay Floor Tiles like a Pro

Are you looking to learn how to tile your kitchen floor? Tiling a floor is surprisingly easy but there are some tricky parts that you should be prepared for.

kitchen remodelling where to start
15 Jul 2023

When Remodeling a Kitchen What Comes First

When Remodeling a Kitchen What Comes First - Step-by-Step Kitchen Remodeling Timeline

What is the Best Flooring for a Kitchen? Kitchen Flooring Ideas from Surrey Renovation Experts
03 Jul 2023

What is the Best Flooring for a Kitchen? Kitchen Flooring Ideas from Surrey Renovation Experts

Having made the perfect selection of your new kitchen cabinets, counters, and appliances, the moment has arrived to discern the most ideal flooring that will truly elevate your culinary oasis. Ideally, you will want it to be durable, easy to maintain and match the overall design of the space.

Kitchen Lighting Ideas
15 Jun 2023

Kitchen Lights - Kitchen Lighting Ideas

The right lighting can literally transform a dim and dull space into a marvellous and distinct one. In this blog post, we will shed light on a room often referred to as the heart of a home - the kitchen. This is a place which definitely deserves more attention when it comes to lighting.

kitchen extension ideas
03 Jun 2023

Kitchen Extension Ideas - Your Guide to Expanding Your Cooking Haven

Whether the number of your family increases or you just need some extra space in your home, a kitchen extension is а great solution that comes with many perks. The kitchen is often the central gathering area so extending it allows you to maximize its full potential.

kitchen fitter installing kitche ntiles
19 May 2023

How to Tile a Kitchen - Step By Step Guide

The kitchen is one of the most frequently used rooms in homes. It is also one of the places that get dirty very quickly due to regular cooking, eating, and gatherings with family. That is why, it should be as comfortable and functional as possible.

how to update kitchen tiles without removing them
23 Apr 2023

How to Update Kitchen Tiles Without Removing Them

Many people will probably agree that kitchen renovation can be a physically demanding and challenging undertaking. However, updating the look of your kitchen doesn’t necessarily have to be daunting.

kitchen builder tiling a wall
15 Apr 2023

How to Tile a Wall

One of the common home renovation projects includes tiling walls, whether for your kitchen or bathroom. For a DIY-er, tiling can be a bit tricky, to say the least.