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a brand new kitchen
25 May 2022

How To Save Money On A New Kitchen

A lot of people nowadays have tight purse strings in this present climate. What’s even worse is that with the present condition, we tend to spend more at home than we have ever spent before.

couple renovating their kitchen
04 May 2022

How Long Does It Take to Renovate a Kitchen?

The most common question homeowners ask is "How long do kitchen renovations take?" If you are also concerned about this, then you read on.

refurbished kitchen worktop
16 Apr 2022

Kitchen Worktop Refurbishment - How to Update Kitchen Worktops Cheaply

Looking for simple and inexpensive ways to improve your kitchen? Giving your countertops a new lease on life may make a world of difference.

ideas for small kitchen renovation
03 Apr 2022

Ideas for Small Kitchen Renovation

Sometimes, it might be a complex, thoughtful process of thinking and brainstorming about how you can transform your small kitchen. The important part involved includes equipping the kitchen and also, expanding the small space.

Most expensive home renovations
18 Mar 2022

Most expensive home renovations

According to Houzz UK, British consumers spent around 36% more to renovate their homes in 2020 than they did in 2019. The most valuable private home improvements are estimated to be over £100000.

House Exterior Makeover
14 Mar 2022

House Exterior Makeover - How to Change the Front of Your House

A tired-looking home doesn't make a positive first impression on passers-by. Homeowners in Surrey often concentrate on what's inside their homes.

man measuring kitchen door frame
20 Dec 2021

How to Measure Kitchen Doors and Drawer Fronts

Getting a new kitchen layout often comes down to doing a few simple and affordable alterations to the overall design, one of which is replacing the existing cabinet doors with new ones.

painting tools
12 Nov 2021

Painting and Decorating Tips for Beginners

Is it time to make some changes to your home? What could be easier than giving a fresh coat of paint on your interior walls? It is a simple and the least expensive way to breathe a new life into your decor.

elegant small bedroom
13 Oct 2021

Getting the Most out of a Small Bedroom

It’s like we have forgotten bedrooms are supposed to be used for sleep and relaxation. We assign a tonne of different functions to them, not realising this compromises our precious slumber. Isn’t it sad that the nook that should put our minds at ease is often used as a storage area?

a man with kitchen renovation plans
07 Sep 2021

Kitchen Planning - How to Start Planning a Kitchen in Surrey

The idea of having a new kitchen always sounds very exciting. However, it is a big job and its planning might be a bit stressful and overwhelming. You have to keep a lot of things in mind, from the size and style of the space to its colours, materials and finishing touches.