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kitchen extension ideas
03 Jun 2023

Kitchen Extension Ideas - Your Guide to Expanding Your Cooking Haven

Whether the number of your family increases or you just need some extra space in your home, a kitchen extension is а great solution that comes with many perks. The kitchen is often the central gathering area so extending it allows you to maximize its full potential.

kitchen fitter installing kitche ntiles
19 May 2023

How to Tile a Kitchen - Step By Step Guide

The kitchen is one of the most frequently used rooms in homes. It is also one of the places that get dirty very quickly due to regular cooking, eating, and gatherings with family. That is why, it should be as comfortable and functional as possible.

how to update kitchen tiles without removing them
23 Apr 2023

How to Update Kitchen Tiles Without Removing Them

Many people will probably agree that kitchen renovation can be a physically demanding and challenging undertaking. However, updating the look of your kitchen doesn’t necessarily have to be daunting.

kitchen builder tiling a wall
15 Apr 2023

How to Tile a Wall

One of the common home renovation projects includes tiling walls, whether for your kitchen or bathroom. For a DIY-er, tiling can be a bit tricky, to say the least.

how to fit a kitchen worktop
31 Jan 2023

How to Fit a Kitchen Worktop

Cabinets, drawers, handles, appliances...these components are absolutely essential for a beautiful and functional kitchen. However, there is one more element that greatly influences the design and attractiveness of the kitchen - the worktop.

master medroom remodeling ideas
23 Nov 2022

Master Bedroom Remodeling Ideas

Do you feel like your master bedroom needs a do-over? Maybe the colour of the walls, which you liked before, now looks faded. Maybe the whole room has a gloomy atmosphere that does not inspire you to greet the new day with a smile.

how to make bedroom look bigger
15 Nov 2022

How to Make a Bedroom Feel Bigger

Making a room look bigger is a simple task that small space dwellers can successfully implement in their homes. There are different visual and physical resources, as well as tips and tricks that work in any room.