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kitchen renovation cost
12 Oct 2020

Kitchen Renovation Cost in the United Kingdom

Kitchen renovation cost - some of the most expensive words you’ll encounter on the Internet these days (along with the cost of a new kitchen in general). Things of that nature should always be examined with caution so as not to trigger a mini heart attack.

kitchen worktop
01 Jul 2020

Types of Kitchen Worktops: Get the Facts Right

Kitchen counters are high-working areas and as such they need to be made of quality, durable materials. There are so many types of kitchen worktops today that choosing the right match for your kitchen can quickly turn into a challenge and even a nightmare.

Kitchen fitter
18 Feb 2020

Kitchen Fitter: You Need to Know This Before Booking a Service

A kitchen fitter Surrey is a local technician qualified to install everything in a kitchen, from fixtures and units to cornice and worktops. Occasionally, they can do other small tasks around the house/office, such as electrical or plumbing work.

modern kitchen cabinets
01 Nov 2019

The Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Doors & Styles

Throughout centuries, various trends have dominated the design of kitchen cabinet doors - and, oh, do we love it! It’s gotten from dramatic and full of elements to simple, nothing over-the-top.

Bespoke renovated kitchen in Surrey
07 Oct 2019

Kitchen Renovation in the UK: Advices and Tips

Kitchen renovation in the UK is a daunting undertaking that needs your full attention and some serious forethought. There are important things to consider like creating a budget and ensuring the changes you’re aiming for follow the building regulations.