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home renovation contractor in surrey working on floor installation
10 Aug 2022

How to Find a Contractor for Home Renovations

You’ve made up your mind about a home renovation and you are eager to get everything started but you have not secured a contractor yet. The marketplace is brimming with companies and it’s almost impossible to narrow down your choices. Now what?

Bedroom decoration
15 Jul 2022

How to Decorate Your Bedroom

So, you're done with your bedroom renovation and it's now time to put the finishing touches. Painting and decorating your bedroom is a tricky task.

can you convert cellar or basement into bedroom
06 Jul 2022

Can You Convert a Cellar into a Bedroom?

To many homeowners the idea of converting an existing cellar into an additional space is quite appealing because of the potential benefits it brings.

couple renovating their kitchen
15 Jun 2022

Does Renovating Kitchen Add Value to Your Home

When considering selling a home, it is critical that you present it in the best light possible. That is why many homeowners perform repairs before listing their house or apartment. In most cases, home renovations can bring a higher sales price.

couple doing DIY kitchen renovation
05 Jun 2022

Kitchen Modeling Mistakes to Avoid

Getting gorgeous worktops, appliances, and cookware can really make your existing kitchen appealing, but you also want it to function well. There is more to kitchen design than meets the eye.

a brand new kitchen
25 May 2022

How To Save Money On A New Kitchen

A lot of people nowadays have tight purse strings in this present climate. What’s even worse is that with the present condition, we tend to spend more at home than we have ever spent before.

couple renovating their kitchen
04 May 2022

How Long Does It Take to Renovate a Kitchen?

The most common question homeowners ask is "How long do kitchen renovations take?" If you are also concerned about this, then you read on.

refurbished kitchen worktop
16 Apr 2022

Kitchen Worktop Refurbishment - How to Update Kitchen Worktops Cheaply

Looking for simple and inexpensive ways to improve your kitchen? Giving your countertops a new lease on life may make a world of difference.

ideas for small kitchen renovation
03 Apr 2022

Ideas for Small Kitchen Renovation

Sometimes, it might be a complex, thoughtful process of thinking and brainstorming about how you can transform your small kitchen. The important part involved includes equipping the kitchen and also, expanding the small space.

Most expensive home renovations
18 Mar 2022

Most expensive home renovations

According to Houzz UK, British consumers spent around 36% more to renovate their homes in 2020 than they did in 2019. The most valuable private home improvements are estimated to be over £100000.