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Modern master bedroom with spotlights
02 Aug 2021

Spotlights in Bedroom - How to Position Downlights

Bedroom lighting is so underrated. We tend to think about the kitchen, living room, and hallway but we rarely plan any special lights for the bedroom.

brother and sister painting their bedroom
16 Jul 2021

How to Paint a Bedroom Quickly

When it comes to updating your bedroom on a budget, painting the walls is one of the best options. Adding on a fresh coat of paint can change the vibe in the room and improve the design of your home.

Small Kitchen Appliances
25 Jun 2021

Small Kitchen Appliances No Functional Kitchen Should be Without

After all the kitchen renovation work is done, it's time to make sure you have all the basic and the most popular kitchen appliances at your disposal. This post will wrap up a few small kitchen appliances that are critical for the heart of your home.

beautiful wooden bedroom
12 May 2021

How Much to Renovate a Bedroom in UK

Would you like to put some new spark into your bedroom - maybe fresh paints on the walls and luxury lighting? Or maybe you are thinking about an extensive refurbishment of your bedroom including replacement of doors, windows, flooring, furniture?

kitchen renovation on a budget
14 Apr 2021

How to Do Kitchen Makeover on a Budget

Kitchen makeovers in Surrey can have unimaginable costs. Some people go small with their projects because they don’t want all the hassle that makeovers bring other than the price itself. So, they resort to products that can give an upscale finish to the units and call it a day.

bespoke handmade kitchen
11 Mar 2021

What is a Bespoke Handcrafted Kitchen And How Much Does It Cost in UK?

When furnishing and repairing our house or flat we usually have to consider so many things and make a lot of important decisions. And when it comes to kitchen renovating we are certainly on the fence and we don't know what to do.

kitchen installation and refurbishment in process
15 Feb 2021

Kitchen Refurbishment Ideas - How to Make Your Kitchen Look Like New

Join us for a few kitchen refurbishment tips. Spending time in your kitchen on the daily speeds up its wear and tear immensely. After several years of use, not only does it lose its shine but it becomes outdated. This is the moment you usually consider updating some features.

kitchen cupboards renovation
26 Jan 2021

How to Refurbish Kitchen Cupboard Doors

The kitchen is a room where we spend a lot of time. As a result, it is getting to be used not only as a spot where food is prepared but also as a place for gathering with family and friends as well as for relaxing.

kitchen design surrey scandinavian style
15 Dec 2020

Kitchen Design Surrey - Bespoke Kitchens, Cost, Styles, Where to Start

The kitchen is the most frequently and actively used room in every home. Given the leading trend of an open concept in the modern interior project, the kitchens now are much more than a place for cooking.

bella broadway matt mussel bedroom
27 Nov 2020

Bedroom Makeover - DIY and Cheap Ideas For Couples and Children Rooms

This post will display plenty of fresh bedroom makeover ideas to steal for your next decorating project. Isn’t it sad that we put less effort into redoing the bedroom than other nooks in the homes? It’s like it’s left behind.