How to Make a Bedroom Feel Bigger

how to make bedroom look bigger

Making a room look bigger is a simple task that small space dwellers can successfully implement in their homes. There are different visual and physical resources, as well as tips and tricks that work in any room.

The best part is that most of them are free of charge or budget-friendly. With that said, let's move on to our guide on how to renovate a small bedroom and make it feel bigger. You will see that in a weekend or less, you will have made your room look more spacious.

Key Takeaways

  • Colours that reflect light are those that can make a small bedroom look bigger: pastels, whites, more frosty hues, and diluted primaries
  • Choose space-saving furniture, from low slung bed to bed storage drawers, to make a difference in smaller spaces
  • Play with colours: you can choose to make a smaller bedroom one colour or select cooler shades for a more space-expanding effect
  • Use big decorative elements instead of tiny pieces to make for a less cluttered room
  • Take advantage of wall space - wall mount as much as you can to free up walking space
  • Add plenty of light in the whole room - small spaces have to be well lit
  • Leave as much floor space as you can by leaving the baseboards and floor under the furniture visible

How to Make Your Bedroom Feel Bigger Without Renovations

a bedroom without much space in it

If you don’t want to do major renovation work like tumbling down a wall or converting your bedroom, don’t worry. There are other ways to make a small bedroom appear bigger. Check it out.

Maximize Floor Space

Did you know that one of the best ways to make a room look bigger is to leave enough floor space? If your eyes can see most of the floor, it will look like the space is abundant.

At the same time, if the feet can walk freely, without hindrance, this will trick the brain into thinking that you are in a wide open space.

So you can try this simple tip: show as much of the skirting boards as possible. For starters, take a good look at your baseboards. Can you see most of the material or is it covered by furniture and other stuff? If it is, be sure to fix that.

On many occasions, it is not possible to make such a change since what is covering the baseboard and hiding the floor are the bed, the dresser, the wardrobe and other furniture that we do need.

In this case, only one thing can be done: make your furniture sit higher/take your furniture to a new height. If there are no legs and the base is touching the floor, your bedroom will appear more crowded because less of the floor area is visible.

But if the furniture comes with legs and you can see the floor and the skirting boards, the small room will seem more spacious.

If your furniture is anchored to the floor, you do not want or cannot put legs on it, nor are you going to swap it out, you can play with the distribution. If possible, take better advantage of the space in some other way.

The other way to do this is to use furniture that is lower to the ground. No legs are needed. Whatever you do, leave the floor in some parts of the room free of furniture and clutter.

Apply a Monochrome Palette to a Small Bedroom

monochrome coloured bedroom

This is a very cool trick that can make a small bedroom look bigger. A monochrome palette means that all the colours in a room are the same.

That is, if you apply a monochromatic palette to your small bedroom, for example, beige, then the walls, furniture, textiles and others have to be all beige. Even if it is in different shades.

Why is this done? When there’s no contrast between colours, everything seems deeper and, therefore, larger. And if everything is the same colour, little to no contrast exists.

This point may seem complicated to you, but it is simpler than you think. Check out some examples of this on Pinterest. You’ll love it.

Use Cool Colours in a Small Bedroom

The general notion is that dark colours appear to advance, while pale, cool colours appear to recede. So, when applied to the walls, cool colours create depth in small bedrooms. And this is what you are striving to get.

What are cool colours? Cool, or cold, colours are those on the cool part of the colour wheel, obviously. Some examples of this include blue, green, lilacs and violets, blue or greenish grey, and lighter colour palette.

Here are some tips to implement in small bedrooms.

As far as colours are concerned, use furniture with straight lines and light colours. And the lighter they are, the better. For example, you could employ a light wooden bed frame that will add softness.

Think about adding legs. Buy furniture with legs to show the floor underneath and create the feeling of more room.

Or get suspended furniture. If you can, go for suspended furniture like floating nightstands. This will allow you to see the ground and make a small bedroom look bigger.

Think about multipurpose furniture. Use a bunk bed, convertible beds, sofas, sofa-cum-bed, etc. to save space. Use built-in shelves to save more space.

Folding furniture. Try folding beds, folding desks, or storage beds that are integrated into the wardrobe. Alternatively, pick a platform bed that isn't positioned too high from the floor.

Vertical space. Use high beds to make a smaller room feel larger. But avoid tall chairs, a tall headboard, and other tall furniture altogether.

Natural Light and Artificial Lights in a Small Room

well lit bedroom with natural lighting

Poor lighting is another thing that can make your small bedroom feel cramped. So, you need to put a special focus on that. A small change here can make a big difference, and it’s not going to break the bank.

There are plenty of options regarding lighting. Think bedside lights, overhead light, floor lamps, and wall lights like wall sconces. The latter can reduce visual clutter, making the bedside area visually appealing.

Without pretending to be exhaustive on the matter, here are several ways to go about it. Feel free to choose the ones that are the most convenient for you and that you think will help you make a small bedroom look bigger.

  • The furniture should not get in the way of the light coming from the windows
  • Distribute your bedroom based on the window
  • White-painted ceilings reflect more natural and artificial light
  • Use ceiling lamps and bedside tables in small spaces
  • If you don't have space on the bedside table, opt for wall sconces in a smaller space
  • If the bedroom is small, do not use a floor lamp
  • If you have cabinets, install lights above them
  • Use lamps dotted around the room for a lovely glow
  • Prevent artificial lighting from casting shadows or it will make your small bedroom look gloomy

Blend the Colours of Your Furniture and Walls in a Small Bedroom

When you blend the colours of the walls and furniture, you can make the space appear deeper, hence larger.

As mentioned earlier, if there is no contrast, it will seem that the bedroom has more depth. And if the furniture is painted the same colour as the walls, there will be no contrast.

But this is not the only way to proceed to make a small bedroom look bigger. If you don't like this idea, you can also paint the furnishings and walls white.

White is a colour that reflects the highest percentage of sunlight, so it will make your bedroom appear brighter and larger.

You shouldn’t go overboard with it, though, because you risk giving your room a hospital vibe.

This tip is great if you have wooden furniture since it’s easy to give it a fresh coat of paint. Once you do that, small rooms will appear lighter, wider, and much brighter.

Add Mirrors to a Small Bedroom

Mirrors give a small space an open, airy look. If you use them right, you can make your bedroom look so much bigger. There is no need to install a full-length mirror from wall to wall.

Here are some areas where you can put mirrors to make a small bedroom look bigger:

  • On cabinet doors
  • On top of the dresser
  • Over the bed
  • In one corner
  • On top of the nightstands

Add beautiful mirrors that go with your decoration and you will maximise the light, making the room brighter, and, of course, larger.

Further to this, you can create a wall of mirrors in lieu of a gallery wall. Or even opt for mirrored closet doors.

Additional Tips to Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger

Decorate with big, bold pictures

Instead of having lots of photos or small paintings hanging on the wall, select one large painting and make it the focal point of the room.

This is an easy way to expand your bedroom space and make a small bedroom look bigger.

Leave the windows uncovered

If you have small windows or don't mind being a bit exposed, keeping your shades and blinds always open is one of the best ways to make a small bedroom look bigger.

Plus, it will let plenty of natural light in, creating more visual space.

Avoid small decorative pieces

When it comes down to decorating your small bedrooms, follow the melon rule: avoid using accent pieces smaller than a melon and incorporate some larger pieces instead.

You’ll see that this is a much better option, especially when you finally get to clean the room. In terms of interior design, you should try rustic, industrial, or Scandinavian, as they take up less space visually.

Stick with open shelving

Open shelving helps you expand your storage area, all the while saving space. Place shallow shelves above your bed so that the lowest shelves serve as nightstands.

Try getting your hands on shelves that go up to the ceiling to create the illusion that the room is taller than it really is.

Leave space between the wall and the furniture

This one is similar to the tip about exposing the baseboards in smaller bedrooms.

Although you might think you're saving space by putting your furniture against the wall, what you're actually doing is making the room feel smaller.

So, leave as much space as possible between the wall and the furniture. You’ll thank us later.


What colour makes a tiny bedroom feel bigger?

Soft tones and brighter tones generally make a tiny space feel airy.

What patterns make a small bedroom room look bigger?

If you want to make your tiny bedroom feel and look bigger, use a large repeating pattern and avoid small pieces. Vertical lines and patterns are another great idea for a simple optical illusion.

What kind of flooring can make a small bedroom look bigger?

You need whitewashed wood flooring, neutral-toned tiles, or cream carpets.

How do you increase the amount of light in a small bedroom?

There are many things you can do. For example, you can add skylights or change the colour palette. Add more lamps around the small room including on the bedside table.

Or choose lighter window treatments and remove the blinds/curtains from your windows (if applicable). If you need the privacy that curtains bring, be sure to hang them above the window frame. This will draw the eye upwards, making the space feel less cramped.