How To Save Money On A New Kitchen

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A lot of people nowadays have tight purse strings in this present climate. What’s even worse is that with the present condition, we tend to spend more at home than we have ever spent before.

During this period, people have no choice but to adapt to areas of the home that are not pleasing to them or they wish to change, such as areas in the kitchen.

So even in times like this, how can we renovate our kitchen, utility room and still save up money while doing the kitchen renovation. Here are some useful tips to consider if you want to save money through diy projects.

How Much Does A New Kitchen Cost In The UK?

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 An estimation of the amount you would spend on a new kitchen in the UK is about £8000, VAT and fitting inclusive. However, most kitchen renovations have a price range of £5,000 to £14,000.

It should be noted that the price of a new kitchen in the UK can increase based on certain factors such as the size of the kitchen, the design of certain units and worktops, and other special factors. Such factors include:

  • For installation in a new kitchen in the UK, an estimation of the cost is between £5,000 and £6,000, VAT inclusive. Then you need to consider the costs of other units like plumbing, electricity, woodworking and all others.
  • In kitchen companies, units of standard quality have a price range of £3,250 to £5,250 for a normal kitchen size.
  • For fitted worktops, the cost is between £2,000 to £4,000 based on the type of material being used. The use of laminate for the worktop is quite cheap, while other worktop materials like marble and granite are more costly.
  • If you want a new kitchen then you might need to have new flooring, which may cost about £100 to £150 for vinyl type.
  • In a case where your kitchen needs a rewiring, you may need to get another £1,000. Also, plumbing works and setting up a new sink can cost about £150 to £200.
  • Another factor that affects the cost of a new kitchen is the cost of getting new appliances like refrigerators, cookers, microwaves, heat extractors, and so on. For instance, a new fridge can cost about £300 to £500 based on the size, model, and function.

For more information about the pricing, visit our article about kitchen renovation costs in the UK which goes in greater detail about how much it costs, what factors affect the prices, etc.

You can visit a kitchen showroom to check out their display kitchens appliances and free design samples for your house. At the first instance, you might not see suitable structural alterations samples for your house.

How Do I Reduce The Cost Of A New Kitchen?

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You can choose to get kitchen fitters or not. The important part is to ensure that both the kitchen exchange and kitchen installation are perfectly done and you can only achieve this at the best price is to get an expert. But before then, you can do the following:

Carry Out The Planning Yourself

One way of reducing the cost of a new kitchen is by carrying out the necessary preparations yourself either by removing the old wallpaper or tiles or pulling down the cabinets. If you’re able to do this you would save yourself the money that would have been paid to other people to do so.

However, while you’re trying to carry out the preparation yourself, leave the ones you’re unsure of to professionals to save money and also avoid spending more eventually.

Plan Out Everything Before The Work Commences

Another thing you should take note of is to plan out your budget before work starts on the kitchen. Observe the existing space, and think about your budget option and total kitchen costs. You should consider making a tight budget comprising of fitting costs, the kitchen fitter, plumbing work, tea towels, cooker hoods, etc.

It is because the budget may start increasing when you make decisions under pressure. Ensure that you plan everything out correctly beforehand.

Make Use Of Your Existing Kitchen Units In Places Where You Can

It’s possible that your previous old units are of standard quality and are still good quality units but are not meeting up to your taste. Instead of spending money on a new one, you can simply repaint them or change some particular features to suit your taste.

In another case, the taste of your unit might suit you but if you’re not very excited about the worktop, you can easily replace it and that would make a huge difference. Also, avoid moving utility meters drawer fronts, and work surfaces. Doing that creates a cost-effective budget.

Purchase Items In The Sale

Another thing you can do to reduce your cost of securing a new kitchen is by looking out for high street chains that are giving out a discount on each sale. You don’t need to purchase everything you need from them but you can find some items like cupboards or work surfaces that may suit your taste.

Also, don’t forget to beat down the prices and ask for a price reduction. You can even try out natural materials like wooden worktops, doors, etc. You can get local fitters as a cheaper option.

What Adds The Most Value To A Kitchen?

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An average kitchen might be void of the list of possible kitchen installations listed below. But to get the best value kitchen, you need big-ticket items that will give it a totally new layout.

Adding An Island To Your Kitchen

A way of adding value to your kitchen and probably increasing the worth of your home is by adding an island to the centre of the kitchen. Apart from just beautifying the kitchen, it serves as the flawless spot for a family cooking competition. You can give it a long-lasting value by getting a hard-wearing low cost or mid-range wooden worktop.

Your saved money can be channelled into something more productive by the kitchen designer. Get experienced kitten fitters at best deal when sourced online. Most times, they are usually local kitchen fitters and you can get a few quotes from them.

Ensure That The Island Is The Perfect Height

In case you’re planning on adding an island or a breakfast bar to the centre of your kitchen, just ensure that it has the perfect height for it to fit perfectly to your day to day life. The standard height measurement is 36 inches for a countertop while the height of a standard breakfast bar is 42 to 46 inches.

Furthermore, make sure that the countertop has a 12 inches pouch. This helps to ensure that the family is enjoying physical comfort when seated.

Make Use Of A Neutral Color For Your Kitchen

When you’re renovating your kitchen with the hope of making it look pleasing to potential buyers, then keeping the colour of your kitchen neutral goes a long way. Items like kitchen appliances, countertops, new doors, and cabinets are best when they’re in neutral scheme colours.

Does A Kitchen Backsplash Add Value To A Kitchen?

A simple way to raise the value of your home is by adding a kitchen backsplash and even a new stainless steel sink. It’s such a splendid idea that should be taken up by any homeowner. Apart from a kitchen backsplash adding to the beauty and charter of your home, it also raises the worth of the home. A good side to this is that you don’t have to use an expensive tile to make it attractive.

What Color Cabinets Do Buyers Want?

Colour has a tremendous impact on the ex-display kitchen. They have an influence for your kitchen to either appear as a cheap kitchen or a bespoke kitchen. They also compliment the kitchen design if the right choice is made.

The best type of cabinet colour for any kitchen is a white cabinet. It helps to increase the beauty and charm of your home and also increase its probability of being sold quickly when placed in the market. So if you want to make your home look more appealing to prospective buyers then white cabinets is just what you need in your kitchen.

This is one of the money-saving tips for homeowners. You do not need extravagant kitchen accessories to achieve your dream kitchen. Consider a local fitter to help out in your old kitchen renovation.

Are you also part of the people that think renovating a kitchen or improving the worth and value of your kitchen requires a great deal of money. Then it’s time for you to get rid of that mentality and start gathering information on ways you can save money while also setting up an aesthetically beautiful kitchen in your home!