Ideas for Small Kitchen Renovation

ideas for small kitchen renovation

Sometimes, it might be a complex, thoughtful process of thinking and brainstorming about how you can transform your small kitchen. The important part involved includes equipping the kitchen and also, expanding the small space.

The interesting part is the ability to expand the floor space without actually expanding or breaking down the entire wall. After all, the whole idea is to give your small space a new outlook. Are you in need of experts to help you handle everything about a budget-friendly kitchen renovation? For kitchen renovation or remodel in Surrey UK, reach out to us via a call or request a quote. We can also provide you with small kitchen ideas.

How do I design and plan a small kitchen layout?

small kitchen design

The first step involves making a directory of every appliance you want to fit in the kitchen area. Then, you will take into account the floor space, cabinet space, wall cupboard,  upper cabinets, existing cabinets, accent wall, storage spaces, farmhouse sink, dining table and open shelving.

Then, you have to also consider the arrangement of the module. Several arrangements can transform your kitchen during its kitchen remodel. You can create more space, extra storage, and enough room and conserve valuable space for your stainless steel appliances also.

What is the most efficient arrangement for a small kitchen?

The one wall kitchen arrangement is the most efficient arrangement for a small kitchen. Most people favour this galley kitchen because you can efficiently free up space for a dining area. 

You can also extend your one wall arrangement along the corner. It will get you a lot of storage space. You are also supposed to save space between your stove and kitchen sink.

You will want to avoid getting your stove soaked when doing dirty dishes. Also, to achieve a spacious kitchen favour custom cabinetry and upper cabinets. They can even store your everyday dishware. Feel free to check out our kitchen extension ideas for inspiration.

How to decorate a small kitchen

Are you thinking of how you can transform your small kitchen space through a kitchen remodel? You can try out the following tip below:

  • You might as well exclude two-row, U-shaped, peninsular and kitchen island arrangements of kitchen cabinetry. Galley kitchen design is best for spacious rooms.
  • You can arrange furniture and appliances in a small kitchen. An angular and linear arrangement of modules is appropriate to create a style statement.
  • It is important to fill a small room with less floor space occupying furniture. For example, all free walls can be used to store items like pots and pans (additional shelves, open shelving or kitchen cabinets).
  • Drawers with inserts for pots and pans and a dish drainer should be close to the double sink. This approach optimizes the cleaning process.
  • 10-20cm is the minimum recommended distance from the slab to the wall with a window, especially if the opening is decorated with an elongated curtain model.
  • Instead of a window sill, you can install a countertop, thereby increasing the working space. Tile counters can add warmth and makes your room feels beautiful. Your coffee machine can be placed on it.  Hence, acting as double duty.
  • The sink area can be located anywhere and we have modern plumbing tools and developments to thank for that. A very popular option is a washing device in place of the window sill. The interior designer might decide on appliances pass-through window.

What is the best colour for a small kitchen?

When considering a full renovation you can also look into an interior designer's opinion. Most experts advise that a neutral range of colour finishing like beige, sand or light grey gives the kitchen a nice outlook.

You can decide to go with black appliances and stainless steel appliances. In addition, you can consider oak cabinets, white cabinets, gray cabinets, green cabinets and every other pastel colour. Pastel and monochrome (e.g. white paints) hues match every interior designer's style. Active colours can cause a tiring outlook.

How to Make the most out of small apartment kitchen renovation

small kitchen with worktop

The most important part of renovating your apartment is to create more space. You have to manage the living space, dining space and wall space. These are some tips on how you can maximise the small space by considering the following tips.

Integrate your appliances

Consider integrating appliances like a stand mixer into the walls of your existing space. They help create extra open space for free movement in your tiny kitchen, dining table space or even a breakfast bar to achieve a galley kitchens style.

Streamline cabinets

The cabinet layout should be streamlined. This will allow you to use the room to the maximum functionally. For example, a carousel mechanism for storing various accessories, especially if you have a tiny kitchen. Consider wall cupboards and upper cabinets to avoid cases of zero space.

Let in natural light

Lighting is important. You need to consider an apron front sink made of glossy tiles or subway tiles. White paint and facades with glass doors because they bounce light so well. They are good for a kitchen island especially if it is a small area. White paint and pendant lights all work together to give the kitchen extra task lighting.

Hide unused utensils

You can consider storing stainless steel utensils in shaker cabinets or open shelves for instance. It helps to create extra storage space during your kitchen remodel.

What kitchen layout is ideal for small apartments?

The best kitchen layout ideal is either one wall (also known as a galley kitchen) or cornered arrangement. Avoid kitchen island arrangement. Although, your choice of arrangement depends strongly on how the kitchen is built and your kitchen remodel goal.

How to do a small kitchen renovation on a budget

For your kitchen remodel, You can contact an expert, if you live in Surrey UK, contact us. We have vast knowledge in kitchen remodelling. Planning a renovation with little knowledge of what it entails can cost you extra.


What kitchen style makes the most out of a small space?

The one wall style like galley-style kitchens has been voted by most experts to be the best. It helps conserve small spaces and create a dining room for the family.

How long should a kitchen remodel take?

It takes approximately 3weeks to 9weeks for your kitchen remodel to be completed. It might take less tho depending on what needs to be done.

What is the cheapest way to upgrade a kitchen?

The cheapest way to upgrade a kitchen is to entrust everything to an expert. Reach out to an expert today to get small kitchen ideas.

What colour makes a kitchen look bigger?

A fresh coat of neutral and pastel colours helps to give the kitchen a more spacious look. You can use white cabinets, black cabinets, and even oak cabinets.

What kind of table is best for a small kitchen?

Laminate countertops are best for a small kitchen. It may be tiled or laminate counters

Where can you put a trash can in a small kitchen?

You can put it in a cabinet that's wide enough to fit the trash can. You can consider creating a counter space.