Kitchen Planning - How to Start Planning a Kitchen in Surrey

a man with kitchen renovation plans

The idea of having a new kitchen always sounds very exciting. However, it is a big job and its planning might be a bit stressful and overwhelming. You have to keep a lot of things in mind, from the size and style of the space to its colours, materials and finishing touches. This is the room where you spend a lot of your time, so you have to be cautious when planning it. It is essential to design it so that it completely meets your needs and those of your family. Furthermore, it is imperative that the kitchen project fits your budget.

Here is an easy-to-follow guide to creating your dream space step by step. We will cover all important topics such as planning the kitchen layout, choosing the units, as well as calculating your budget. We hope this guide will simplify the kitchen planning process for you.

Identify the elements you want to include in your kitchen plan

Take a moment to envision your dream kitchen. What would you like it to look like? Now compare it with your current kitchen. Think about how you can change it so that you accomplish your goal. Do you want a small kitchen renovation or a total makeover? Would you like your new kitchen to provide more space? Maybe you want to incorporate a kitchen island, change the colour scheme or the style of the room? You need to have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish. This way, you will save yourself a lot of time and avoid further mistakes.

Make a list of all the elements you want to include in your dream kitchen - cabinets, worktops, appliances, furniture and kitchen accessories. You should then calculate your budget to determine if you can afford them all.

Plan your budget

couple planning their renovation budget

If you're thinking about kitchen renovation, you should first determine how much you can afford and then research the prices of the items you intend to buy for your home. Even though you might not be able to get accurate estimates, it would be good to have a rough idea of how much your kitchen project will cost. This is a very important step because it will determine the scope of your work.

In our experience, there are many people who just start working on their kitchen renovation without establishing a budget and knowing what it will cost. As a result, often completing everything according to plan is difficult. Additionally, people typically spend far more than necessary.

How much does a new kitchen cost in the UK?

New kitchens in the UK are estimated to cost between £8000 and £10000. The price includes both VAT and labour costs. You should keep in mind that if you want a high-end kitchen design, the price will increase significantly. In any case, there are multiple factors that influence it. In this section, we will break down the costs of the basic elements that go into building a kitchen.

Kitchen units

If you are fitting new kitchen units into an average kitchen (14 m2), they could cost you anywhere between £3000 and £6000. If you choose bespoke kitchen cabinets, then you are likely to pay up to £12000. The prices for bespoke kitchen units tend to be higher, but you should realize that they offer better quality.


According to the material you select, you could spend between £1500 and £3500 on a worktop.


When you build a new kitchen, you may need to build a new floor too. In terms of the price of the flooring itself, it can range from £30 to £40 per square meter. Costs for installation range from 200 to 300 pounds.


Typically, sink installations or plumbing costs range from $200 to $300. The price of rewiring your kitchen may reach £1000.

Installation of a new kitchen.

It is estimated that a kitchen installation of average size will cost you between £5500 and £7500. An hourly rate for a kitchen fitter company in the UK is usually between £20 and £40. You can expect a difference in charges depending on the region you live in.

Appliances and kitchen accessories.

Their prices may vary widely depending on the brand, style, quality and so on. It is best to check them out in the store or online.

Disposal costs.

Remember to take disposal costs into account. Renting a skip or paying to dispose of old units can cost you around £100-£200. However, you may be able to dispose of the kitchen yourself with a bit of advance preparation.

Identify the layout that will work best for your kitchen

kitchen layout plan

A kitchen layout can mean a lot of things. It can be anything from how you position your cabinets to how you use your walls and where your appliances are positioned. For many people, the biggest challenge is figuring out where to begin.

Start by focusing on how the flow of your home will connect to your kitchen space, not just in that room but through your house. It will be easier for you if you start your design with the sink. You need to think about the working triangle, which involves the movement between the fridge, the stove, and the sink. This triangle shape is important because you need to have the ability to move between the three main workstations quickly and efficiently.

What are the 6 types of kitchen layouts?

There are a variety of kitchen floor plans you can choose from. Here are the six most popular ones.

One wall kitchens

In this type of floor plan all appliances, cabinets and worktop spaces are positioned on one wall. These kitchens are usually suitable for small homes and are ideal for studio apartments.

Galley kitchen design

This is a corridor-style kitchen, or essentially a whole-way kitchen. It is characterized by two walls with a walkway separating them. Kitchen floor plans, such as this one, are ideal for areas with limited space. Additionally, this style is popular among restaurants.

U-shape kitchens

This is a relatively modern kitchen design that evolved over time as the kitchen area storage requirements increased. It looks like a galley kitchen, but one of the walls is closed off. This kitchen floor plan provides a lot of wall units and worktop space.

L-shape kitchens

As the name suggests it's an l-shaped or corner kitchen. Such floor plans reduce kitchen traffic. It consists of two walls of cabinetry and it is a great kitchen design for small and medium-sized rooms.


The island is probably the most common accent piece for any kitchen project. The island can include kitchen appliances and cabinetry for storage. Moreover, it always adds additional work surfaces or can also act as a dining area. You can use an island to transform a simple layout into a modern kitchen with good planning.

The peninsula kitchen

It is basically a connected island converting an L-shaped layout into a U-shaped or G -shaped design. The island kitchen has the same benefits as the island - additional storage and appliances space. But unlike the island, peninsulas do not occupy much space in the kitchen.

Hire a kitchen designer to help you plan your kitchen

As soon as you have decided on the floor plan, set up an appointment with a kitchen designer. Experienced designers usually use software to create a functional kitchen design, then work closely with you to include all of the features you desire. The expert will ask you a lot of questions and provide you with expertise that will help narrow down your choices. Kitchen designers can help you find everything from speciality plumbing fixtures to high fashion lighting and window treatments.

An initial step in hiring a designer is figuring out why you would want help from an expert. The better you understand why you may want a professional to assist you in kitchen design, the more likely you are to hire the right designer and spend the right amount on their services. Choosing the right kitchen designer will make sure your kitchen functions and looks the way you want it within your budget.

Buy your kitchen

family buying new kitchen

In general, you have two options when it comes to choosing your kitchen. You can either buy a ready-made kitchen or have a project made to your specifications - a custom-made or bespoke kitchen.

Prefab cabinets are those that were made before you put them together. They are not custom to the space and usually tend to be cheaper. Typically, these are just low-end cabinets considered to be apartment-grade. Thus, they tend not to provide good quality and durability.

On the other hand, custom made cabinets offer much better quality and longevity. Since they are specially designed for each space, you can choose the floor plan, how much workspace, and how much storage you want. Furthermore, custom cabinets can make your kitchen unique. However, their prices are typically higher.

Utilize the services of kitchen fitters

One of the most important steps in your kitchen plan is finding a good company to realize the kitchen design project. Firstly, the builders will help you get accurate kitchen measurements, locate electrical and plumbing lines. Additionally, they will use their experience to gather information to assist your design specialist. These critical pieces of information will be combined to create an ideal kitchen design that will work with your home and help you avoid costly mistakes.

Secondly, kitchen fitters are those who will actually construct your dream kitchen. The team will build the kitchen units, fit the worktops, install the appliances, the sink, faucets, and all other accessories.

Hence, as we have already suggested, it is vital to hire the right kitchen company to construct your kitchen. The quality of installation makes a huge difference to the appearance and functionality of your kitchen. The wrong company and fitters can ruin any kitchen, but competent ones will make even cheaper units look stunning.

In conclusion

Whether you are a gourmet cook or a frozen pizza fan, having a beautiful space in which to cook, entertain family and friends and simply live your life is every homeowner's desire. There is no doubt that kitchens come in various sizes and shapes, and every homeowner has his or her own style. However, all kitchens share one thing: they are the heart of the home. Therefore, it's necessary to follow a specific kitchen planning process no matter if you're thinking of a quick kitchen remodel or a complete renovation.